This is an online PS3 league that you play in matches and make promos. Feel free to register and talk to the owner IM-AWESOME1221 on psn or on chat.
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 Roleplay Guide For Beginners

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PostSubject: Roleplay Guide For Beginners   Mon Jul 30, 2012 7:38 am

RP Guide for Beginners

What is RP?

RPing is the core of leagues, it is the best part in league activities cause you get to make your character do whatever your want. RPing stands for Roleplaying. Roleplaying basically is typing dialogues,actions,commentaries and possibly everything you can think of that wrestling programs do. You can also do unrealistic things. But Only for Comedic purposes Meaning you can only do it to be funny.. you can not do unrealistic things in a serious roleplay.

How to RP

Now to RP you first have to go to the storylines section

Then you get to this page.. this is where you can read other RP's anywho to start an RP you have to click on New Thread. which is on the top right corner when you enter a section.

This is where you start your rping.. here is where you write actions and dialogue's

Dialogues and Actions

Bob was was walking backstage where he met Tom

Bob: Hello Tom
Tom: Hello Bob
Bob: I have a match now
Tom: Awesome good luck

Bob then walks away and the camera fades to the next event.

Obviously the dialogue you have to do aren't gonna be stupid like the example above they have to be better and more realistic. What makes a better RP is using colors and Bold for your actions,dialogue, commentary ect... Bold is the big B above the text box and colors is the color box on the top right above the text box. If you have more preferenses you can change the font which is the red A and you can also change the font size which are the two black A's. You can also add images to make the RP more enjoyable the image button which has a painting icon it is the 3rd button next to the youtube button.

Posting Youtube Videos and Images

Again to make your RP more enjoyable is to add videos why? the youtube button is mainly used for theme songs and commercials.. (Commercials are a good way to start or end an RP) to add a video simply click on the youtube button and you get [youtube][youtube] now between those two words you paste a youtube link Do not post the whole link post only a part of the link where it starts with /watch like /watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

For images click on the 3rd button next to the youtube button and just paste a link from an image browers. google don't work since they fucked it up. use from ect.. when you click the button you get [img][/img] just paste the full link in between the words.

Using Colors for your RP's Censoring and other stuff to add

Personally i like to use the color Green with a bold text for commentary. Red with Bold text for actions and different colors depending on how many characters there are speaking. for example:

The camera takes you to Bob's locker room where you find a broken Tom on the floor. Bob grabs a chair and repeatedly hits Tom on the back with it.

Bob: Take that! you asshole

For a better RP include more characters. like commentary and crowd chants. for Example:

JR: Oh my god! oh my god! he just hit Tom with a steel chair!

The crowd cheer for Bob as he is hitting Tom with a chair.

Of course it doesn't have to be the colors i put. You choose the colors and find which is the most comfortable for you. Also correct grammar results in a better RP so make sure you put fullstops/periods, commas and capital letters ect.. for a much better RP also always

Using Preview

use preview before you click post message which is below the text box.. check your work click preview and see if you have done any mistakes cause you are bound to make a mistake every time you write an RP. In fact i did some mistakes myself before i posted this.

Don't be shy to ask us for help

Now you are all set in doing your first RP. If you have any questions ask either the owners yours truely Geezus or IM-AWESOME1221 for help. Don't be shy to ask for help from other members aswell

Don't give up

If you find trouble with making good RP's don't sweat it, you will get better in time don't quit or give up because your RP's aren't as good as others.

Do not make your RP's short

Don't make your RP's short..short RP's result in a really bad RP don't make an RP which is 5-10 lines make a decently long RP it doesn't have to be extremley long but at least use 1000-2000 characters.. that may seem long but it really isn't.

Last, but not least

I suggest that you read the RP's of other people to see how they look like when their finished and try to make one like it. Hope this guide has helped you and good luck!
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Roleplay Guide For Beginners
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