This is an online PS3 league that you play in matches and make promos. Feel free to register and talk to the owner IM-AWESOME1221 on psn or on chat.
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PostSubject: raw impact 4 results   raw impact 4 results EmptyTue Sep 04, 2012 7:24 am

xpac vs billy gunn

the match begins billy gunn starts punchin xpac and gives him a suplex billy gunn throws him to the turnbuckle and starts givin xpac punches to the head billy gunn starts kickin xpac on the ground billy gunn picks up xpac but xpac starts comin back with left hands he tries to fight back but billy gunn caught xpac with a closeline billy gunn tries to go for the fame asser but xpac reverses out of nowhere xpac somehow hits the x factor for the 1-2-3

xpac wins with the pin

heath slater and santino marella vs steve austin and mark henry

the match starts and both heath slater and mark henry goes on attact on steve austin and santino marella. mark henry leaves the ring goes under the ring for a weapon while mark henry searches for a weapon santino marella and heath slater are double teaming steve austin.mark henry finally found a kendo stick comes into the ring and starts wacking heath slater and santino marella with it. steve austin left the ring to grab a chair. but santino knocks down henry with a shoulder thrust.austin hurrys back into the ring with the steal chair but eats a massive leg sweep and makes him knock his head on the chair.santino picks up steve austin hits him with the cobra for the pin but mark henry tries to break it up but heath slater comes and knocks him out with the steal chair.

your winners by pin santino marella and heath slater.

wade barrett vs rtruth vs john cena

the match starts and rtruth and john cena goes to the outside and grabs the same table and they try to fight to see who gets the table first but wade barrett dives off the top turnbuckle and knocks both guys down on the outside.wade barrett grabs the time keepers bell and starts hitting both cena and truth the whole match wade barrett is dominating the match he goes for a table but cena counters and hits wade barrett.rttuth gets back up and goes right after cena.
rtruth finally gets a table brings it in the ring sets it up but what is this he goes outside of the ring gets some gasoline and a lighter underneath the ring he gets back in lights the TABLE ON FIRE.john cena finally comes back into the ring.rtruth and cena starts fighting back and forth.wade barrett finally comes in the ring attacks both cena and truth barrett throws truth to the outside and barrett hits a powerslam.barrett picks up cena hits wasteland cena goes through the table. OMG CENA IS ON FIRE.

your winner is wade barrett.

trish vs kharma vs angelina love vs eve

match starts and all 4 divas start battling it out kharma goes after eve hits a slam and gets the quick easy pin on eve for the 1-2-3. we have 3 divas left in this match and trish kharma and love starts battling it out they really wanna know who the most supier diva is in the owe trish and love starts double teaming
on kharma they totally destroy kharma not letting her get back on her hits the beak a bitch on kharma for the 1-2-3.soon as love gets up trish hits the chick kick on love for the win.

your winner trish stratus.

chris jericho vs cm punk vs kane

match starts out cm punk throws both jericho and kane out the ring.punk hurries and gets the ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring he tries to hurry up the ladder to get the title but kane comes up and knocks him off. kane starts kickin him but jericho comes in the ring and starts the attack on kane.but punk gets up and grabs the ladder and starts wacking both kane and jericho with it.
cm punk goes hits the gts on jericho and throws kane outside sets up the ladder and grabs the title.

WINNER- still champion: Cm Punk
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raw impact 4 results
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