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 AJ Styles Calling out Daniel Bryan

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PostSubject: AJ Styles Calling out Daniel Bryan   Sat Sep 22, 2012 7:13 pm

Camera goes to the backstage at ECW,The Rock is seen talking to somebody,the person Rock's talking about isn't visible in the scene

Bro,The Rock says that that's just a plain bad idea,going out with THAT music and with THIS god horrible outfit man,The Rock should check you into the smackdown hotel for that AJ!

the camera then turns to AJ who has a big grin on his face,what he is wearing isn't visible

Rock my brotha from another motha,just trust me,the people will LOVE the music i'm coming out to! Just have faith in me man

the camera then turns once again back to Rock who is looking at AJ with an almost disgusted look on his face

Oh well,at least the Rock ain't the man who comes out to that song,but AJ one thing,if they MILLIONS! and millions of people in attendance are going to laugh at you,the Rock will grab a microphone,shine it up real nice and...

AJ then interrupts Rock and says:
you're gonna shove it up my candy ass,yes i know it Rock,but i'll go now,they will love me for this!

*shrugs* well okay Jabroni,it's your funeral...

the scene then fades to black and commercials start to play

-4 minutes later-

the scene moves to the ECW arena, the crowd's chanting 'ECW' a few times and suddenly AJ's entrance video starts to play on the jumbotron but no music is playing and no one comes out

Cole: Where's AJ?
JR: I have no idea cole,but ---

suddenly this song starts to blare through the PA System of the Arena together with the entrance video(play ent. vid. without sound + the song at the same time)

Cole:what the..


AJ then comes out wearing a suit that looks like one that Slick would wear back in the day,he's doing a kind of dancing while making his way to the ring and looks like he's having a real fun time doing it, the crowd is cheering for AJ big time

Cole:My god... Rock was right....
JR:Go Aj! Go Aj! this's fun..

AJ then climbs on the steps and enters the ring through the middle ropes,he then goes on dancing for a few seconds. (the song & tron stop after 50 seconds)
Justin Roberts hands a mic over to AJ, AJ puts the mic to his lips and starts talking

My god this is so much fun to do! Coming out to Jive Soul Bro and wearing this suit plus hat, Rocky my friend you were wrong about me getting a lot of heat for if i would do this! hahaha!

crowd:AJ! AJ! AJ! AJ! x5
JR:This's great!
Cole:I wish AJ wasn't such a hoe...
JR:Shut up Cole..

But let's get down to business,there's a new ECW GM and she,yes it's a she,the new gm's the always lovely miss Eve Torres! but that's not the topic of the day now...

crowd:Eve! AJ! Eve! x4

She informed us earlier today that the hardcore title has been reinstated in ECW and that i will fight Daniel Bryan for it on the next edition of ECW!

crowd:Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

So Daniel,will you please come out and share your thoughts on the title match next week?

AJ then puts his mic down and keeps his attention focused on the entrance ramp,the crowd is chanting some random stuff


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PostSubject: Re: AJ Styles Calling out Daniel Bryan   Sat Sep 22, 2012 9:28 pm

After awhile, the Universe and Styles doubt if Bryan is in the building after his loss to Shelton Benjamin. But later as Style is starting to exit the ring, Bryan a theme finally plays.

But as the theme plays no one shows up then as the theme ends at the PA system. After awhile a new theme plays.
Cole: Where's Daniel, did he leave?
Jr: Cole I have no Idea
King: Wait I have word a superstar is coming down to the ring. Could possibly be Bryan.

Daniel Bryan coming out with a jacket of Styles in his street attire and a big grin. Bryan walks down the ring, acting like Aj Styles, the chants of boos come in as Bryan continues down the ring. As Bryan walks down the ramp, the camera goes to Styles as you see his expression of fun is starting to leave. Daniel makes his way to the ring doing signature pose at the corner. As he gets to the ring the song starts to dim, and when he gets a mic the song ended. Daniel speaks with the mic at hand.

Cole: Look at Bryan having fun, don't tell me how awesome he's not
Jr: I have to agree with you for now

Bryan: Don't worry Styles just having some fun like you are acting like slick. You see you should take this as a compliment. Wink . But as for my thoughts of this match next week, I think it's load of Bull Sh!t that the ECW GM strips my title rein and replaces the title I carry to a "Hardcore" title but YOLO as the kids say it. Now I'm gonna win that title and become a champion of two titles. Now since your here, I like to get your thoughts Styles.

TBC: Styles
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PostSubject: Re: AJ Styles Calling out Daniel Bryan   Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:41 am

AJ then puts his mic to his lips and waits for a few moments for the 'YES! YES! YES'! chants to fade

So you want my thoughts on the match Daniel? *laughs* well,my thoughts are that you will be the one who's going to bite into the dust next saturday after i've beaten you to a bloody mess and after i've captured the title!

crowd: Shocked

Oh and eh Daniel,bring that Jacket to the drycleaner after you're done here please,because i still want to wear that jacket.... and don't worry about the bill,i'll pay it although you're the one who's sweating in it right now...

JR:Mah gawd..
Cole:Take that AJ...

So Bryan,what're YOUR thoughts now huh? *laughs*

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PostSubject: Re: AJ Styles Calling out Daniel Bryan   Sun Sep 23, 2012 12:27 pm

Bryan's grin remains, as he begins to try to do stand up.

Bryan: Well Aj, my thoughts right now is that after our match, when I beat you and take the title. You will soon get a Get Well Card from me. At the hospital room for the account of the beating i'm gonna give you. And soon a new reign will come of the new Hardcore Champion. Daniel Bryan and by the way you can have the jacket right now, I've brought my own spare.

Bryan removes Aj's jacket and shows his own Jacket of NO NO NO. Bryan starts to chuckle as he sees Styles in shock.

TBC: Styles
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PostSubject: Re: AJ Styles Calling out Daniel Bryan   Sun Sep 23, 2012 2:35 pm

Cole:No! Not this again!
Jerry Lawler:Yes Hornswoggle! Even more comedy!

Hornswoggle then comes walking down the ramp with a jacket of his own. The jacket has two four leaf clovers on seperate sides of eachother. He then runs into the ring and stands next to Styles, before leaning on him and nodding his head. He the runs up to Daniel Bryan and punches him in the groin before running into the crowd.

TBC:Styles or Bryan
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Age : 21
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PostSubject: Re: AJ Styles Calling out Daniel Bryan   Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:07 pm

While Daniel sits at the corner holding his balls, Styles starts to laugh hard but then hornswoogle returns to high five Aj. As they high five, hornswoogle kicks Styles in the shin and punches him in the groin but then tries to bite his butt. Styles reckonizing it turns around and the shocked swoogle starts to back up. Bryan who no one notices does a Bryan-Plex on Hornswoogle. Aj tries to aid Hornswoogle by grabbing Bryan's shirt and going for a punch. But Both of them smiling and Bryan pointing to Swoogle trying to crawl away, both of them start to kick him. Next Styles picks up swoogle and Style's clash him after that Bryan hits the No-Lock on swoogle and chants YES. After a minute, he let's go as both of them start the yell at swoogle. you can make out what their saying.

Styles: Try that again now! Come on try that again, (Looking at Bryan) Good Luck man. I'm looking foward to the match.

Bryan: My thoughts exactly. What ever happens let's make sure little punks like him don't push us around. ( Looking and stomping on Swoogle 3x) come on try punching me again.

Styles: Let's go meet Rock and leave this little punk here.

Bryan and Styles leave the arena holding their hands up with smiles. While the Universe give them mixed reaction loudly for their action. As they get to the stage, medics come for the aid of Hornswoogle.

Jr: What dispicable move these two pulled, not only they just beat little horny up but i think he is going to need serious medical attention.

King: I have to agree with you this is just terrible sight we just witnessed.

Cole: Are you kidding me this is the best thing I've ever watched, how awesome was that, this is a statement to anyone who messes with them. Plus I have always wanted some one to stick it to that trol, so their doing me a huge favor.

King/Jr: Shut Up Cole, this way out of line

Cole: Nope I love this, those two are awesome

Styles theme plays and they walk out of the stage.

End Of RP
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PostSubject: Re: AJ Styles Calling out Daniel Bryan   

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AJ Styles Calling out Daniel Bryan
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