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 Hogan Announcement

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PostSubject: Hogan Announcement   Sat Sep 29, 2012 9:45 pm

The crowd gives a mixed response again as Hogan heads down to the ring in his signature entrance.

Jerry Lawler: I can't wait to hear what Hogan has come out here for. I hope it's yet another fantastic match.
Cole: Ah, I'm getting tired of this old man showing up all the time, when is it going to stop?!
Jerry Lawler: Shut up Cole!
JR:Hey why do I never say anything when Hogan comes out?
Cole: Cause nobody cares about you or your barbecue sauce.
JR:Hey speaking of my barbecue sauce it is now sold in Wal-Marts all around the world. Go and buy some JR barbecue sauce!

Hello Hulkamaniacs! I am out here once again to make several announcements. First announcement is that we have recently got a brand new interviewer. The beautiful Maria! Next I have an announcement involving yet another match for ECW. I will now introduce the first competitor in this match...


TBC:He Knows Who

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PostSubject: Re: Hogan Announcement   Sat Sep 29, 2012 10:42 pm

Hulk Hogan:


When Batista's theme echos throughout the arena and once he came out behind the curtain the fans were in awe seeing him back in OWE. Before Batista advance any further he signals for the lights to be on him. Then Batista starts making his way to the ring as the fans began to boo and chant "You Suck" then once Batista gets into the ring he shakes Hulk Hogan's hand and Hulk hands Batista the microphone to Batista as Batista begins to speak.


I'm baaack, the last time you all have seen me I left this company to go on to bigger and better things. Only one man truly saw how gifted of an athlete I am and he went out of his way to bring me back to this company. So here I am, and I am here to dominate and unlike last time I won't be overlooked, I won't be booked in matches that I have no business being in, I am here to become the most dangerous entity in this company. I'm going to make sure that everyone remembers who I am and by that I'm going to make an example of my opponent and he will be the foot note that will mark my dominance here in OWE. There not a man alive here that will stop me from becoming a world champion and if Hulk Hogan sees that I'm worth being here then you people will force to see it as well. Hate me or love you all know how good I am and it will reflect as I decimate my opponent tonight and it will be stained into your memories that your children's children will be talking about the day that Batista has returned to OWE.

TBC: By whoever suppose to comment.
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PostSubject: Re: Hogan Announcement   Sat Sep 29, 2012 10:56 pm

Hulk Hogan then turns to the crowd.

Now as for his opponent, it will be a mod that was once the best of friends before Batista decimiated him. The man known as...REY MYSTERIO!

The fans cheer for their hero in a mask, and hope to see Rey beat Batista.

This match will be a No Holds Barred match, where weapons are not only welcome, THEY'RE ALLOWED!

The fans cheer again.

And this match will decide the number one contendership for the US Championship!

The fans cheer again hoping that Rey will be going for the US title and not Batista.

Jerry Lawler:And yet another amazing match! I can't wait to see Mysterio shove Batista right back into unemployment.
Cole:No Jerry, this match will catapult Batista into a new and better career in this company. I am glad that Hogan actually saw sense and brought this man back.
JR: Hey Cole you wanna try some of my barbecue?
Cole: NO!

TBC:Rey Mysterio or Batista
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PostSubject: Rey Replies   Sun Sep 30, 2012 11:07 pm

King: Well, who do we have here Cole. It's Rey Mysterio!
Cole: Yes it is King. What is he going to say now to Hogans offer?
King: I have no idea Cole. Let's see what happen next.

As Rey Mysterion walks towards the ringside, grabbed a microphone and head up to the ring with Hogan.

Rey Mysterio: So, Batista, you're back huh. One of my best friend in this business is back everybody!!!

As the crowd cheers for both Rey and Batista

Rey Mysterio: What are you trying to do Hogan? Putting us in a match with Batista? I'm not saying no but man, I haven't seen him for a long time and our reunion will be in a match? What's that all about?

Rey Mysterio: But.... I'll put our friendship to the test. Since Batista hasn't been in a match for a long time, I will be happy to be his first opponent here in OWE. Just to take off that rust he probably have right now...

TBC Batista / Hogan
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PostSubject: Re: Hogan Announcement   Tue Oct 02, 2012 3:32 am

Batista walks up to Rey Mysterio face to face and look down on him looking into his eyes while he brings his microphone close to his mouth.

Rey, I guess you don't even realize or you're can't hear what I just said a few moments ago. I'm going to put it like this, Rey I'm going to hurt you I'm not here to make friends I'm only here to win championships. So our so called friendship doesn't exist in my world. I don't even recognize you as a "friend" of any kind only an enemy. The fact that you keep calling me your friend is making me sick to my stomach because how am I suppose to be friends with an insignificant tape worm like you? Once the bell rings Rey, I'm going to unleash the beast inside me and rip you to pieces. Maybe soon you'll realize when we get into the ring one more time and look each other across the ring before the bell sounds you will feel how much I want to make you scream in agony. If you think that I'm not joking try me then and see what happens next.

Batista continues to stare down Rey Mysterio waiting to see what he's going to say next.

TBC: Hulk Hogan/Rey Mysterio
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PostSubject: Re: Hogan Announcement   

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Hogan Announcement
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