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 Arrival of the NxT Show Off

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PostSubject: Arrival of the NxT Show Off   Sat Oct 13, 2012 11:06 am

NxT hits the air and the camera pans over the crowd before we are met by the NxT announcers Wiliam Regal and Jim Ross.

JR: Welcome everybody to OWE's newest show NxT, The show where 1 lucky rookie will ill earn a contract for either Raw or Smackdown. Good Ol' Jim Ross here along side my broadcast partner William Regal.
Regal: Yes, NxT is where it is all going to begin for 1 of 6 young hopefuls in the back. It will be a pleasure to watch how these rookies react to the crowd and what statements they make.

The fans jump to their feet as Cena's theme begins to blast through the speakers. As the fans stand in anticipation for Cena a unfamilar figure steps through the curtain. He has long Black hair with a Blonde streak, wearing a black singlet and his wrestling trunks. He stands on the stage as the fans give him a mixed reaction. He shakes his head as he slowly walks down the ramp. The fans stick out their arms for hi5's but he laughes and walks past. He rolls into the ring and asks for a microphone.

Black: My name is Taylor Black, NxT's residant Show Off. I see you all waiting for anticipation for NxT, OWE's newest phenominom. The show where the future will be chosen. 6 Rookies were partnered with 6 'Pros' and 1 for those Rookies will be given a contract for either Raw or Smackdown or the 'Big Leagues'. The Miz, Chris Jericho, 2 narcissists that are the pro's every 'Rookie' would love to have. Men who have fought from the lowest for the low to the very top of this business but who do i get? John Cena. The 'Face of the Company', The man who is going to try to steal all my spotlight. But, but I'm not going to let that happen. I'm OWE's Show Off, I will constantly come out here in front of you pathetic fans and steal the show like i have with every show i have ever been on. I am the shining light of everybody's shallow, pathetic lives. Tonight is a night where history has been made because tonight is the night that Taylor Black made his OWE debut.

Black drops his microphone and attempts to leave the ring but is interupted by a familar theme.

TBC: Any Rookie, Pro or NXT Host
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PostSubject: Re: Arrival of the NxT Show Off   Sat Oct 13, 2012 12:13 pm

JR: I have no idea how someone like Tyler Black can make it in this business.
William Regal: You gotta do what you gotta do to get noticed in this business JR.

All off a sudden a familiar theme song hits*

All off a sudden one off the rookies Jeffrey Hunter walks threw the curtain as the fans cheer for him he walks slowly down the ramp as the fans reach over and put there hand out for him to hi five them. As he was walking down the ramp he kept hi fiving all the kids,he then slides in the ring and snatches the microphone from Tyler Black*

Jeffrey hunter: You are pathetic you know that? you come out here and insult your own pro and all these wonderful fans? John Cena is a man that made this company like it is today without him who the hell knows where we would be. He is a future hall of famer as well as my NXT pro the phenomenal one Aj Styles he created other companies from the ground up and in my eyes him with John Cena are both two of the greatest superstars in this business.

Crowd Cheers

Jeffrey Hunter: So Tyler how about you just shut your mouth and respect the people that helped this company be what it is today. I plan on winning NXT and getting a title shot at a title of my choosing and i guarantee i will be winning that title no matter who the champion is because i got one of the best pros on NXT.

just as Jeffrey Hunter was about to leave the ring Tyler Black starts to speak*


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PostSubject: Re: Arrival of the NxT Show Off   Sun Oct 14, 2012 5:00 am

Black: Really? AJ Styles one of the best superstars in this business? The man needed 3 chances to get into the King of the Ring and he still struggled to make it. At least with Cena he can at least he actually put up a fight in a match. Styles proved that once he got out of the Indies he couldn't hang with the big dogs. But then again he's the perfect pro for you, You both have so much in common. You're both pathetic, Nobody gives a damn about you and you both suck. That's why you come out here trying to kiss up to the fans, trying to kiss up to the pro's because you know you don't have what it takes to be a contender on this show or in this company.

A look of frustration cross' Hunter face he attempts to speak but Taylor cuts him off.

Black: Don't you dare interupt me when I'm speaking. When it comes to NxT you are going to be nothing like you always have been throughout you entire career. I see the look on your face,, you're getting mad, You want to hit me don't you. But we both know that's not going to happen. You talk about respect, You say that I should respect the people that made this business what it is today. I do, I respect the likes of William Regal the man who man who said something that always stuck with me, he said people used to ask him why he was a villian, do you know what his answer was? I'm not a villian I'm the villian. Something I aspire to be able to call myself because I dont care about who's feet I'm going to have to step on, who im going to have to cross to get to the top of this business. So how about stop worrying about me and start worrying about how you're going to survive NxT.

Black drops his microphone and leaves the ring as Cena's theme hits. He walks up the ramp and back through the curtain leaving Hunter in the ring confused in the ring.

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PostSubject: Re: Arrival of the NxT Show Off   

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Arrival of the NxT Show Off
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