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 Jose Marcos comes to OWE

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PostSubject: Jose Marcos comes to OWE   Sun Oct 14, 2012 12:47 pm

Kevin Nash's theme plays at the pa system, as everyone suspect Nash coming out with Triple H in his corner. After a while as the theme ends, The fans start booing as nobody comes out, they start to question why no one is coming out? Then Nash's theme blares through the PA system again. Then a man finally comes out but it's not Kevin Nash.

After awhile of the mysterious man, standing in the stage looking at the fans. The mysterious man wearing a black bandana with black shades, a white T-shirt, and a dirty blue pants, with white sneakers coming through the ramp as some fans try to reach for a Hi-Five. He only Hi-Fives a few, and he makes his way to the ring. He grabs a mic from the technician near the ring. He waits for Universe to finish, then he speaks.

Mysterious man: Mi nombre es José Marco, Yo soy uno de los rookies de NXT, y como ya imbéciles deben saber que "Big Daddy Cool", "Big Sexy", Kevin Nash es mi NXT pro. Para los que quieren saber de dónde vengo. Yo soy de San Juan, Puerto Rico. For those who do not understand. I will translate for you, my name is Jose Marcos, I am one of the rookies of NXT, and by now you morons know that "Big Daddy Cool", "Big Sexy", Kevin Nash is my pro. And finally for those who want to know where I am from, I am from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Jose takes off his shade to view all of the entire fans, and announcer. He does this while JR and Regal discuss.

Jr: Wow this guy In my mind that, he will do great in NXT.
Regal: You're right, but let's listen more

Jose: Ahora que he venido desde las calles de San Juan, que había pasado mal aprendo mis habilidades de lucha de la gente sin hogar. Me esforzarse por convertirse en una superestrella de la WWE, pero sus métodos no me conviene, así que lo hice de empresas de todo el mundo desde que tenía 19 años. Pero volví a mis raíces nativas. Me estaba perdiendo algo. Regresé a Puerto Rico, que estaba dominando y entretenido. Las empresas de todo el mundo me quería, pero yo elegí debe, y ahora estoy aquí para ganar NXT y obtener mi oportunidad por el título en lo que cada vez que quiero. Para los novatos en la parte posterior, es mejor que tenga cuidado, si tu eres mi enemigo, y si eres mi amigo, entonces tú me rascas la espalda, yo te rasco la tuya. Si me ayudas, yo te ayude. Esto va a ser divertido. Ahora sé cuál es tu pregunta, ¿por qué Kevin Nash?, Tengo que decir esto, él puede hacer mi carrera lo mejor que puede ser. And now i'll translate for you morons, I said Now I've came from the streets of San Juan, I'd had it rough I learn my wrestling skills from homeless people. I'd strive to become a WWE superstar but their methods didn't suit me, so I did other companies around the world since I was 19 years old. But I went back to my native roots. I was missing something. I went back to Puerto Rico, I was dominate and entertaining. Companies all around the world wanted me, but I choosed OWE, And now I'm here to win NXT and get my title shot at what ever I want. To those rookies in the back, you better watch out, if your my enemy, and if you're my friend, then you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. You help me, I help you. This will be fun. Now I know what your wondering, why Kevin Nash?, I have to say this, he can make my career the best It can be. Now let's meet my NXT pro.

Jose looks at the stage waiting for his pro, after awhile ___________ comes out to the stage, and tries to chat with Jose.

TBC: Kevin Nash or NXT Rookie or OWE superstars
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PostSubject: Re: Jose Marcos comes to OWE   Tue Oct 16, 2012 2:56 am

Nash: Thats right Jose'. I chose to become your NXT Pro because I saw something in you from day 1. You have the heart and charisma of one of my long time friends. So Jose' I personally want to welcome you to the minor leagues of the OWE and with me here watching your back, your problems are solved.

The crowd begins to boo Nash.

Nash: So Jose', we have alot of work to do and today marks the start of a grueling proces to glory. Remember your roots and your friends.You screw your friends and you screw your chance at a contract. But your road to championship glory starts here and I will be with you guiding you each step of the way. And that is because we are just 2 Sweet! Hit my music!

The camera fades out as Nash and Jose' are seen chatting as they make there way to the back.

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Jose Marcos comes to OWE
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