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 Rhodes Interview

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PostSubject: Rhodes Interview   Thu Aug 02, 2012 12:05 pm

As OWE's first show comes back from commerical was are met but JR and King, Cole seems to be missing.

JR: Welcome back folks in a few moments we will meet our newest superstar.
King: Really another one, Tonight we has seem so many great debut's who will be next?
JR: Well King, Matt Striker is in the back getting ready for an interview with well Dashing Cody Rhodes.

Striker: Thanks JR, Right here is Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes: Excuse me Matt, Thats Dashing Cody Rhodes.

As the camera pans to Cody the crowd erupts with thuderous boo's which echo around the arena.

Striker: Sorry Dashing Cody Rhodes. Earlier tonight you told the world that you are nothing like you father, and at Night of Champions there will be a Dashing World Champion.

Rhodes: Really Matt? Your ment to be Matt Striker OWE's teacher,. If i wanted stupid questions i would have Maria as me what my favorite colour of the rainbow is. My Father was nothing but someone that made people forget about their crappy life for even the briefest of moments. He had pride in what he did, He thought that what he did made everybody happy.

Rhodes looks down and takes a deep breath.


Rhodes trys to compose himself.

Rhodes: Nobody knows what it's like. The ridicule, the embarasment, Watching you father make a fool in front of everybody. At Night of Champions ill do what my father never could i will become a World Champion.

Rhodes begins to laugh.

Rhodes: Matt, Night of Champions will definately be..... Dashing.

As Rhodes turns around and it met by ________ the to superstars stand eye to eye.

TBC: Any Smackdown Superstar
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PostSubject: Re: Rhodes Interview   Thu Aug 02, 2012 4:22 pm

Drew McIntyre:
*He glares at Cody and smirks*

*He raises his mic and begins to speak*

Night of Champions will be Dashing? That's funny considering that you're nothing but a joke. But, that's your whole family. "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, Goldust, and now "Dashing" Cody Rhodes. You're laughable and pathetic. Me? I have more talent than you, I have more talent and raw aggression in my finger than you do in your entire body. I'm not here to silence you for these idiotic fans, I'm here to do it for myself.

*The fans begin booing him loudly and chanting, "You suck!"*

No, you see Cody, you're dead weight. When you and I were Tag Champs in the WWE, I carried you! You were useless and never got the job done. You're attempting to make a career off of giving beauty tips. You aren't World Champion material. You're nothing but an over glorified jobber. You keep this up and you'll become the next Kung Fu Naki, you'll win some matches but then you'll be shown for what you truly are: a loser. I suggest you give up these aspirations to become World Champion because it won't end well for you at all. The World Championship, at Night of Champions, is coming home to Drew McIntyre. I'm winning it for myself. I'll show that Scotland raised athletes are superior to you tiny Americans. Not only will I show my dominance at Night of Champions, I'll show exactly why I'm known as, "The Chosen One!" Get ready to hear, "Drew McIntyre: World Heavyweight Champion" because that's all that will be heard in OWE after Night of Champions.

*He smirks at Cody and lowers his mic. He stares down Cody as the fans are confused at who to cheer or boo since they're both obviously heels*

TBC: Cody Rhodes or Any SD Superstar
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PostSubject: Re: Rhodes Interview   Thu Aug 02, 2012 7:56 pm

*Shawn appears very happy*

Shawn: Hello guys, Drew is right and it was actually meant so, but with BS with his wife, he became jobber and left WWE and you became the undeserved star of the team

*Then, some fan walks by, posing as someone from creative, seemingly trying to trick Shawn*

Fan: Shawn, you're booked to lose tonight.

*Shawn immediatly loses his smile and grabs the fan*


*Shawn slams the fan*

Shawn: CHANGE *slams* THE *slams* F*CKING *slams* BOOK!

*The fans look confused*

Shawn: *looks at camera and overly smiles* Nothing happened.

*Shawn walks away, with the crowd cheering for Micheals and some are chanting McIntyre*

TBC Every SD Superstar, McIntyre or Rhodes

PS: I know this does not make sense, but i just did this to introduce my HBK character, a reflection of his egotistical mid-late 90's behind the scenes personality with some face/tweener traits in it.
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PostSubject: Re: Rhodes Interview   Fri Aug 03, 2012 4:24 am

Cody watches Shawn walks away and under his breath says 'What the f*ck'. Cody then turns his attention back to McIntyre.

Rhodes: You call me a joke yet you seem to lose to the likes of Ryder and santino week after week. As for The Dashing Ones, You were just dead weight that i decided to carry for personal gain. I quickly dropped you once i had no use for you.

Rhodes get a cocky smirk across his face.

Rhodes: People did call you the 'Chosen One' but that when you HAD that so called agression. You nearly ended the likes of John Morrison, Matt Hardy and Kofi Kingstons careers. Then you vanished, You fell down into the folds of the lower talent. While i wnt from carrying Randy Orton's bags to helping the Intercontinental Title regain the prestige it once had. So maybe, just maybe you should look into the mirror like i did. Find that one thing everybody knows you had and capitalise on it. Become that agressive superstar again, Become feared again. If you havent reliesed nobody in the back takes you seriously anymore.

McIntyre looks pissed as Cody speaks.

Rhodes: You've gone from the 'Chosen One' hand picked by Vince McMahon, He told the world that one day you will become World Champion, Now you struggle to even get on a show. You've nearly become as big of a joke as my father and brother.

The crowd boo as Cody insults his family.

Rhodes: You've slowly becoming like Marty Janetty if the team. Which I'm not extremely suprised of but it is happening. Tonight go out there and prove that you're still the Chosen One. That you should be one of the most feared superstars in OWE. If any of this gets into your thick scottish skull it's that.

Cody gets another cocky smile across his face.

Rhodes: At Night of champions there will be a Dashing Champion.

Rhodes stares at McIntyre with the cocky smirk on his face.

TBC: McIntyre ONLY
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Age : 25
Location : Moscow, Russia

PostSubject: Re: Rhodes Interview   Fri Aug 03, 2012 5:18 am

Drew McIntyre:
*He looks at Cody angrily and just keeps staring at him for some time* raise some valid points. I can't deny that my career has been on downward spiral, but that's all in the past. Don't worry, I will show that I'm just as aggressive and ruthless as I've ever been. I will show that tonight and everyone will see. Just watch, "Dashing One."

*He turns around and begins to leave, he then stops suddenly*

I'll show everyone that now!

*He says that and quickly goes back and kicks Rhodes in the gut and sets him up for the Future Shock DDT*

*He holds Rhodes there for a couple seconds while the fans give a mixed reaction. He looks around and then lets go of the hold and just shoves Rhodes into the corner turnbuckle*

You didn't taste the Future Shock because I let you go, you'll feel it soon enough Cody. Watch your back "Dashing One."

*He backs up towards the ropes, watching Rhodes as he watches him leave. Rhodes is visibly angry at the fact that McIntyre would attempt to make an example of him. Drew puts his hand through his hair and smirks at Cody before exiting the ring and walking up the ramp, still watching Cody until he reaches the stage and exits through gorilla*

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PostSubject: Re: Rhodes Interview   Sat Aug 04, 2012 4:20 am

As Rhodes watches McIntyre exit through the gorilla a familar face jump from the crowd with a steel chair in hand. As Rhodes turns around and i met by The Miz. Miz hits him in the head with the chair which imediately busts Rhodes open. Miz throws the chair into the ground as he slowly pick Rhodes up, He sets Rhodes up and hits a Skull Crushing Finale onto the chair. Miz walks over and picks Rhodes microphone up.

Miz: Night of Champions isn't going to be Dashing, It isn't going to be Ruthless. Night of Champions is going to be Awesome.

Miz drops the mircophone as he exits the ring, Walks up the ring and exits through the gorilla.

Cole: Vintage Miz, Isn't it great. OWE just became Awesome.
King: I though we were done with him. Awesome? More like Awful
JR: Back to the matter of hand, Cody Rhodes as just been brutally attackesby The Miz. Will Rhodes be able to make Night of Champions in a few days?
Cole: I guess we will have to wait and see. We will be right back.

OWE fades of commerical.
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PostSubject: Re: Rhodes Interview   

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Rhodes Interview
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