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 Lie, Cheat, Steal is not finished

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PostSubject: Lie, Cheat, Steal is not finished   Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:29 pm

The universe knows who is coming out and start booing as he comes out with Jeffrey Hunter's sports car as it is wrecked badly. Jose with a cocky smile walking out, as is everyone is shocked that he would come to NXT even though everyone knows that he is not schedule to compete. Jose walking to the ring, he gets to the steel step before taking off his shades to see the fans chanting *Wanabe Eddie*. he ignores the chants to come into the ring and get to the corner that he is then handed a mic and starts to speak. His theme ends and the chants end.

Jose: As you know last week I was in a match with Jeffrey Hunter and we had a colossal match. It was back and forth, it was like it doesn't matter who won. It just how the end will turn up. And last week I have said that win or lose i'm not going down without a fight. But then as the moment of pride went down for Hunters as he grabbed a mic and started talking with you the Universe. i made an impact in the ring and off the ring. You see as Hunter is celebrating, I went to the way of fufilling my other part of the plan. Then we see myself taking his little precious Audi R8 V12 TDI sports car. And gotta say wish I had myself one of those. She ran like a beauty. Then as twitter happens guess who becomes a major buzzkill.

Fans: Boooooooooooo

Jose: That's right boo me and this man Taylor Black. As you see Taylor couldn't handle that William Regal says that I have as much charisma as him.Then as we had some heated tweets, he then would try to say how I got knocked out twice by a move. Hunter's superkick but he doesn't know the whole story. he let's his eyes fool him and he let's his ego get the better of his judgemnt. He doesn't understand that I didn't plan on winning that much. I was trying to bring out the fire, the passion of Jeffrey. And then bring a fury when I take his possesion. You see this is just begining Hunter and Black I don't want to hurt you, I don't want to hurt your ego, it's already inflated already. You see think too big of yourself. And that is going to be your downfall. And the self-proclaim property of NXT reminds me of his achievements. He only won a speaking challenge and a match, and tries to talk big how he beats up Aj Styles for a minute. I'm not gonna lie to you or maybe I will, but for real. Stay out of my way or you will find trouble, And I promise you could try all the sneak attacks, you can try to do all the dirty tricks in the book. But if you get in my way I promise you that I will ruin your chances in becoming the next Break out superstar. I will also ruin Hunter's too because Like I said this isn't over between us. This is just the begining of a beautiful moment. A moment of epic proportions, I can picture all the matches I'm in that will be surperior than any other rookies matches even the self-proclaim Property of NXT, but then again I am the best NXT has to offer. And for my pro Sorry Nash, but this theme suits me better than yours. Even though it was used by the late great eddie guerrero. It's the best one. The best to suit my personality. Now as for Black or Hunter you better watch you're self because this is just the begining. But not just them every rookie watching this because this goes for all who does want me as an enemy, and for those who are wanting me as an ally, well you know me. You scartch my back, I scratch yours. You won't find any problems from me.

Just as Jose is going to continue, he is interupted by a theme everyone knows, he comes out to the stage with a cocky smile himself as he is coming to confront Jose. ___________ comes with a mic in his hand speaking.

TBC: NXT rookies only
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Lie, Cheat, Steal is not finished
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