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 Feels good to be back.

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PostSubject: Feels good to be back.   Tue Nov 06, 2012 1:58 am

A theme that hasn't been heard in quite a while plays.

The crowd goes CRAZY.

*Lita walks down the ramp and storms into the ring. Grabs a mic from the referee and yells into the mic.*

Lita: It sure as hell feels good to be back! I've been training the past couple of weeks and i'm READY. I wanted to call out any diva and tell her to come down into the ring and show me how extreme she can be.. but at this moment there's only one diva on my mind. I want YOU Winter. I want to shut your pretty little mouth. Let's see if you can back up everything you say sweetie. What you say mister manager? GIVE ME THAT BITCHES ASS! I want to see her BLEED.

* to be continued by winter or management.
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PostSubject: Re: Feels good to be back.   Wed Nov 07, 2012 2:17 pm

*She walks out on the stage with her title over her shoulder. The fans are booing her tremendously since they hate her with a fiery passion and adore the "Queen of Extreme" Lita. She smirks at Lita before walking down the ramp. She stops and glares sadistically at a fan who yells, "Lita's Gonna Kick Your Ass!" The fan gets a bit nervous and backs off. She walks up the steel steps menacingly and reaches the apron. She keeps her eyes on Lita and enters the ring. She receives a mic and is about to speak but the boos get louder. She doesn't care, she continues her speech*

Amy, Amy, Amy, I warned you that messing with me is hazardous to your health. You say you've been training for weeks now and that's fine, I don't give a single damn about it. Do you want to know why?

*Lita looks confident and sarcastically nods*

It's quite simple actually, no amount of training can prepare you for the destruction and pain that the Dark Lord emits through my veins. I have destroyed men and women in OWE like it was a walk in the park. Look around you Amy, no other Divas remain standing. Why? Because I decimated them like the waste of bones and flesh that they are. I brought up taboo about Kharma and crushed her, I confronted the Glamazon and she never showed her face to me again, I even stood up against Steve Austin and he saw the need to run and hide behind a team after that. Everyone fears me Amy, you'd be wise to do the same.

*She smirks and laughs lightly*

Then again, you're not the smartest person in the world, are you? You've made many god awful decisions in your career and you're doing the same now. You should've remained in the retirement home with the other women like Trish Stratus. You come out here demanding that you want to see how extreme I can get and you want my blood...

*She gets close to Lita, too close for comfort. Lita's mood suddenly changes from confidence to a look of unnerve and slight fear. Winter begins to play with Lita's hair seductively as she speaks into Lita's ear quietly but still into the mic*

Trust me Amy, you're wish will be granted. The Dark Lord is a generous lord. He will allow you to witness how extreme I am. The other women faced me in matches where I was limited, you want me with no rules and the Dark Lord will be happy to oblige. Now, you want blood? You'll get that too. It won't be my blood though, it will be yours. Your blood will soak the mat, my hands will be stained with your blood and I shall enjoy every second of it. The demons and dark creatures shall rejoice at the sight of fresh blood. They shall bathe in the bath that your blood will provide. Just know that you've gotten yourself into something that you will not be getting yourself out of. I will not rest until your request is honored. Your blood will spill over in this very ring and I shall enjoy every second of making it happen.

*She drops the mic abruptly which makes Lita jump slightly and fall down. She moves away from Lita and exits the ring. The fans are silent after what was said. Lita sits in the ring, shocked at how twisted and evil Winter truly is. Winter glares at Lita as she walks up the ramp. She reaches the stage and slowly goes to the backstage area. Once she has left, the camera pans back to Lita who remains in the ring, sitting, confused and unnerved*

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Feels good to be back.
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