This is an online PS3 league that you play in matches and make promos. Feel free to register and talk to the owner IM-AWESOME1221 on psn or on chat.
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 NXT card #3 results

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PostSubject: NXT card #3 results    Thu Nov 08, 2012 11:15 am

Match 1
Oliver Sanchez vs Enrique Esposito
xXSqUaRe_GaNgxX vs Romanian-Fighter

Ding, Ding, Ding.

As the bell ring the two quickly lock up, Sanchez quickly take control with a headlock. Enrique pushes Sanchez into the ropes but Sanchez rebounds with a shoulder block. Sanchez runs the ropes as Enrique jumps to his feet and leap frogs over Sanchez. As Sanchez rebounds off the rope once more Enrique hits him with a hip toss. Enrique attempts a quick pin.

One.. Kickout.

Enrique stays on Sanchez rolling him onto his stomach and applying a headlock. Sanchez fights to his feet throwing Enrique onto the ropes but this time Enrique rebounds with a shoulder block. Enrique attempts a shoulder block once more but Oliver explodes with a clothesline turning Enrique inside out. Sanchez picks Enrique up hitting him with quick jabs making Enrique back into the corner attempting to block the punches to no avail. Sanchez backs away screaming out to the crowd trying to fire them up before hitting Enrique with a big splash into the corner. Sanchez drags Enrique out into the middle of the ring irish whipping him and hits a big spinebuster as Enrique rebounds. Sanchez attempts a pin.

One.. Two.. Kickout.

Regal: If Enrique wants to impress the pro's this isnt the way to do it.
JR: Leave the kid alone, This match is no way near being over.

Sanchez picks Enrique up for the Stalling Suplex. Enrique fights out of it and rolls Sanchez up and grabs a hand full of tights.

One.. Two.. Three..

Regal: Wow, What a cunning maneuver.
JR: Out of no where, Will winning that way sit well with the pros though?
Regal: A wins a win.

Match 2
Normal one on one match
Jack Miller vs Bryan Dallas vs
brammax vs im_the_best_99

Ding, Ding, Ding

As the bell rings the 2 rookies quickly lock up as there pros look at ringside, Jack Miller throws Bryan Dallas towards the ropes as he comes back and shoulder blocks Jack. Bryan then hits elbow drop after elbow drop to Jack as he then pins Jack.


Regal: Wow, That was a close one.
JR: it sure was William the pros have to try there hardest to win and impress the pros.

Bryan Dallas does not look happy as he then goes on the top rope to hit another elbow drop. Bryan lifts Jack up to give him a suplex. Bryan then starts stomping Jack he then goes to do a running shoulder block but Jack counters it into a drop kick. The crowd starts to cheer for Jack. Jack goes on top rope to hit a big body splash, he goes for a quick pin.


Jack then picks Bryan up and delivers a DDT, Jack goes for the Terminal Velocity but Bryan countered it into thugnificent which sets up for Bryan finishing move Captured Suplex he hits that as he goes for the pin but Jack rolled out of the ring, The ref starts to count. Bryan gets frustrated as he starts yelling while the fans chant "You suck!!You Suck"
Bryan then goes out of the ring as he grab jack he rolls him into the ring then covers him.

one...two...thr...NO Kickout!.

Bryan looks at Jack then looks at the referee shocked, He starts yelling at the referee saying that was a 3 count. As Bryan turns around jack hits the Twist Of fate then locks in Hells Gate, Bryan taps immediately.

JR: BAH GOD Bryan tapped out to jack miller hells gate.
Regal: I can't believe Jack won against bryan by submission i wonder how well this will go over with the pros. Now the next match is going to be the match of the night i believe JR because two of the greatest rookies on NXT Face off one on one and what makes it better is they are both Undefeated. They have made the most impact in NXT so far i wonder who will win. But remember NXT Universe these two are also up for elimination so they have to impress the pros as much as they can.

Match 3
Normal one on one match
Tayler Black vs Jeffrey Hunter
CptLadyFingers vs IM-AWESOME1221

Before the bell rings Jeffrey Hunter goes on top rope as the fans chant "Jeffrey!!Jeffrey" Taylor Black shakes his head as just when jeffrey hunter gets down from the turnbuckle Taylor takes a cheapshot and attacks jeffrey from the back.

JR: Unbelievable Taylor has to attack Jeffrey from behind how is that fair?
Regal: You have to do what you have to do to win.

The referee rings the bell while Taylor black starts to have a grin on his face he starts stomping on Jeffrey, Taylor Black then gives Jeffrey a running dropkick to the face as he quickly pins Jeffrey.


Taylor shakes his head yelling at Jeffrey, "I am going to destroy you" He starts to mock Jeffery then throws him into the turnbuckle Taylor goes to do a running clothesline Jeffrey just moves out of the way causing Taylor to run into the turnbuckles, jeffrey then does a roll up.


Jeffery then hits an inverted DDT on Taylor, He starts to taunt while the fans cheer on and Stone Cold does not look impressed with Jeffrey at the moment. Jeffrey does a springboard clothesline to Taylor. Jeffrey tells Taylor to get up as he tries to set up for the Superkick, Jeffrey runs at Taylor as he ducks the superkick and hits a clothesline to jeffrey. Taylor goes on the rop rope to try and hit a Diving splash but Jeffrey moves out of the way so taylor goes crashing down to the mat. Jeffrey then patiently wait for Taylor to get back to his fett then hits an enziguri. Jeffrey does not go for the pin just yet he waits patiently for Taylor to get to his feet then runs and hits the superkick as he goes for the pin.

One....Two....Thr....NO! Kickout.

JR: BAH GOD, How did Taylor ever kick out of Jeffrey superkick?
Regal: It is because Taylor is the best that NXT has to offer i am surprised he haven't put Jeffrey away now i have no idea how he ever hit the superkick in the first place.

Jeffrey looks at the ref with a shocked look on his face wondering how did Taylor kick out of his finishing superkick. Jeffery then gets up as he does not know how to put away Taylor black, Jeffrey then starts to smile as if he has another way to do it he lifts Taylor back to his feet and puts him in the position to hit the Snapmare driver but Taylor counters it then pushes Jeffrey into the referee and then hits a low blow then hits his finishing California Dream as he quickly pins Jeffrey.

One...Two...Thre...NO! Kickout.

Taylor shakes his head not happy about Jeffrey kicking out of his finisher, He then runs at Jeffrey as he then hits a Superkick of his own.


Taylor is getting frustrated he then starts choking Jeffrey as the ref starts to count taylor lets go at 4 not wanting to get Disqualified. He moves back a little waiting for Jeffrey to get up as he runs to do a clothesline to Jeffrey but Jeffrey hits his superkick. He goes to pin but he just collapses to the mat warned out. All off a sudden...

Ding, Ding, Ding

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentleman this match has been made a no Contest due to the time limit running out therefor this match is a draw.

JR: What a match.
Regal You got that right now we will find out who will get eliminated from NXT.

Matt Striker comes out with a microphone.

Matt Striker: Hello OWE Universe my name is Matt Striker as you know and i will be here for some time as the temporarily the General Manager of NXT until the board of directers find a permanent one. Therefor i will be out here for the first elimination of NXT.

Matt points to the titantron as all the pros have already voted waiting for who it says is the first eliminated rookie from NXT.

The first person that is eliminated is......... BRYAN DALLAS

Matt Striker: There we have it the first elimination of NXT is Bryan Dallas. bryan on Next weeks edition of NXT we will allow you to give your thoughts on why you got eliminated. See you next week NXT Universe.


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NXT card #3 results
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