This is an online PS3 league that you play in matches and make promos. Feel free to register and talk to the owner IM-AWESOME1221 on psn or on chat.
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 Smackdown Results #8

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PostSubject: Smackdown Results #8   Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:09 pm

Match 1
Normal one on one match
Non title
Chris Jericho vs Dolph Ziggler
IM-AWESOME1221 vs noistalgic

The match starts as Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler lock up Chris throws Dolph towards the ropes as he bounces back and shoulder blocks Chris he runs towards the ropes again but Chris gets up and hits a clothesline to Dolph, Chris then pins Dolph for a 1 count, Chris gets up with a smile on his face as the fans cheer on he goes for the lion sault but Dolph puts his knees up, Dolph then hits the zig zag 1...2...Kickout. Dolph looks frustrated, Dolph starts to argue with the referee but as Dolph turns around he gets hit with a Code Breaker Chris pins Dolph 1....2....KICKOUT, Chris looks shocked he then hits the lion sault on Dolph for another 2 count, Chris then looks at the fans and back at Dolph Chris then grabs Dolph legs and locks in the walls of Jericho as Dolph tries to crawl to the ropes he is forced to tap out.

Justin Roberts: And the winner by Submission Y2J Chris Jerichoooo

King: What a great match.
Cole: You got that right King but i cant believe Chris won, He doesn't even deserve the World title.
King: Shut up cole, he puts on a great show every week and just for the wonderful fans.
Cole: It isn't for the fans King i think its all for himself. But anyway our next Matchis going to be great also it is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be vs X Pac.

WINNER: Chris Jericho
Via: Submission

Match 2
Normal one on one match
Bret Hart vs XPac
Nexus619xx vs xXSqUaRe_GaNgxX

The referee rings the bell as Bret Hart and X Pack lock up Bret then does a DDT to X Pac, Bret quickly pins for a 1 count, Bret then goes up top rope but X Pack jumps on the ropes to make Bret falls off X Pac then lifts bret up then does a suplex for a 1 count. X Pac goes on top rope then hits an elbow drop for a 2 count, X Pac then goes on top rope and jumps of it going for the dropkick Bret hart catches X Pac for the sharpshooter.

King: His got the SHARPSHOOTER!! X Pac is going to tap
Cole: How will X Pac survive this?

X Pac then gets his foot and kicks Bret into the turnbuckle and hits the X Facter for the 3 count.

Via Pinfall of the X facter

Match 3
United States Championship
I Quit match
Wade Barrett vs Shawn Michaels
im_the_best_99 vs xXMiraclesXx

The ref rings the bell as they lock up, Wade just kicks Shawns knee as Shawn drops to 1 knee then Wade hits Shawn with a boot to the face. Wade then goes for a quick wasteland but Shawn counters it into an Atomic drop shawn runs to the ropes then bounces back then hits the Running elbow drop thing. Ref puts the microphone near Wades mouth asking if he wants to quit Wade says No. Shawn then goes on top rope and hits the top rope elbow drop, Shawn goes out of the ring and gets a chair he starts hitting Wade over and over with it he tells the ref to ask him, The ref puts the mic near his mouth but Wade says No. Wade gets back up and does a back body drop to Shawn right onto the chair. Wade then lifts him up and hits wasteland the referee ask shawn if he wants to quit Shawn says No. Wade throws Shawn Michael out of the ring and takes everything off the announce table He then gets the chair as Shawn Superkicks the chair into Wades face Shawn then puts wade on the announce table and looks under the ring for a ladder, Shawn climbs on top of the ladder then jumps of it and lands an Elbow Drop right onto Wade Barrett threw the announce table. The ref ask Wade if he wants to quit and Wade Screams " I Quit, I Quit".

Winner: Shawn Michaels

Special Referee match
If Stone Cold wins Kevin Nash has to go his separate ways and can not get a title shot for 2 months but if Kevin Nash wins the alliance and cold hell has to disband.
Stone Cold vs Kevin Nash
Romanian-Fighter vs Cshep19

The crowd is going crazy as the three men stand in the ring. Austin its screaming at Nash 'I'm going to give you 1 chances to get on your knees and beg, BEG ME to rejoin The Alliance'. He smile cross' Nash's face as he flips Austin off. Austin charges at Nash and the two trade punch for punch as HHH signals for the bell to ring. Austin gains the upper hand forcing Nash into the corner. Austin continues to hit Nash as HHH begins to count, HHH hits 4 but then stops counting, It seems he is going to let these men just beat the hell out of each other. Austin back off Nash as boo's echo around the arena. Austin flips off the crowd only to get a louder reaction. Austin turns around and is hit by a big boot from Nash. Nash goes to pin Austin but stops, Nash then gets in the mounted position and starts laying into Austin with punches. Nash gets off Austin as the crowd starts a 'Kliq' chant. Nash rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. Nash gets back into the ring and looks at HHH who is leaning in the corner. Nash lines up Austin who ducks under the chair and hits Nash with a low blow. Austin picks up the chair and hits Nash in the hand knocking Nash onto the stomach. Austin bagins to hit Nash in the back multiple times before the throws the chair away rolls Nash over and attempts to pin him.

One.. Two.. Kickout.

Austin looks surprised as Nash gets his shoulder off the mat. Austin begins to 'Stomp a mudhole' into Nash. Austin stalks Nash who stumble to his feet. Austin attempts The Stunner but Nash pushes him away. Austin turns around and is hit by a massive left handed hook from Nash. Austin is stunned as Nash hits another big left hook which knocks Austin out of the ring. Nash climbs out of the ring jumping straight back onto Austin lifting him up and dropping him onto the barricade. Nash does it once more before irish whipping Austin into and over the barricade into the time keeper's area. Nash slowly walks over to Austin still a bit dazed from the chair shots from Austin. Nash reaches over the barricade as Austin hits him with the ring bell immediately busting Nash open. HHH is leaning on the ropes with a sick smile enjoying what he is seeing. Austin falls over the barricade still trying to regain his senses. Austin gets to his feet and takes the top half of the step off and throws the away. Austin drags Nash and lays him on the bottom part of the steps. Austin then stands on Nash head, Nash screams in pain as Austin screams 'You stupid son of a bitch'. Austin picks Nash up and throws him into the ring and goes for the pin.

One... Two... Th.. NO Kickout.

Austin goes wide eyed as Nash kicks out. Austin picks up the chair once more to hit the final blow which will keep Nash down. Austin swings but Nash ducks and this time hits Austin with a low blow. Nash gingerly makes it to his feet as he stumbles around to ring trying to regain his senses. Nash picks up the chair and begins to hit Austin over and over. Nash picks Austin up has toss' him into the corner and hits him signature elbows. Nash who's face is now a crimson mask picks up the chair more and cracks Austin in the head busting him open as well. Nash picks up Austin and signals for the Jackknife. Nash attempts but Austin fights out, Austin reverses into an attempted Stunner to Nash once again pushes Austin away. Nash kicks Austin in the stomach and hits the Jackknife powerbomb. Nash falls into the cover.

One.. Two.. Three NO! Kickout.

The camera zooms onto Nash's bloodied face as a look of disbelief is in his eyes. As HHH signals that it was only 2.Nash picks Austin up and attempts to hit another Jackknife powerbomb but Austin drops to a knee and low blows Nash. Both men lie limp on the canvas, The both begin the stir and Austin seems to get to his feet first. Nash finally stumbles to his feet but Austin finally hits him with the Stunner. Austin crawls into the cover as HHH slides in to make the count.

One.. Two..

Suddenly HHH stops counting and gets back to his feet. Austin goes wild as he gets in HHH's face. HHH laughs as Randy Orton jumps over the barricade and stalks Austin. Austin is demanding HHH make the 3 count but HHH only raises his hand and signals for the wolfpac. Austin screams and turns around, As he turns around he is hit by an RKO from Orton. Orton drags Nash's limp body onto Austin as HHH counts.

One.. Two.. Three...


Winner: Kevin Nash

The crowd erupt with boo's as the reliese the Wolfpac is back. HHH and Orton stand over Austin and help Nash get to his feet. The three men stand in the middle of the ring and raise their arms as trash is getting thrown into the ring. The camera zooms away as it begins to fade and the show goes off the air.
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Smackdown Results #8
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