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 Ziggler owned Y2J

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PostSubject: Ziggler owned Y2J   Mon Nov 12, 2012 3:08 am

Cole: Hello Everybody and welcome to Smackdown!
JBL: And look who's going to start to the show Cole.
Cole: It's Dolph Ziggler John and I'm pretty sure he's in the mood to show everybody what happened to their match with Chris Jericho.
JBL: Yeah right Cole. He's going to show the world how he won their match fair and square.
Cole: Fair and square? He delivered a low b Boolow to Chris Jericho and when he pinned him, the referee didn't saw that he made the ropes as leverage to pin Jericho.
JBL: That's fair enough for me Cole. A win is a win to me.
Cole: Whatever John. Let's hear what he's going to say now.

As Ziggler walks down the ring, asked for a micophone and...

Ziggler: Ehem......

And you can hear the boos echoing the arena...

Ziggler: What did I say last week? I told everybody, I told Shawn Michaels and especially I told Chris Jericho that they no longer needed here. That their time is up. That old geezers like them should retire and give way to the future of OWE!!!

Ziggler: Look what happened... I pinned Jericho One... Two... Three... Lucky for him I didn't went for the sleeper hold and made him tap out... That would be so embarrassing to his part right? And I've got to that I was not in my 100% condition in that match... That just goes to show I, Dolph Ziggler, has the right to say now that I'm the best in the world in everything I do... Because I did proved it in our match. Jericho was a piece of cake!

Crowd continues to boo Ziggler much louder this time...

Ziggler: Boo me if you want but that's the fact.. I am the best in the world in what I do BECAUSE I CAN BACK IT UP EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!!!

Ziggler: With my win over Jericho, I earned the spot on being the number one contender to his World Heavyweight Champion. Which means I have to beat him AGAIN... and I know, I know... It's getting old that me beating the crap of him but he's just one obstacle that I need to get rid of in order to cement my destiny to become the heavyweight champion and the best in the world in what I do!!!

Ziggle: So comes Unbreakable. I will show the world and Jericho for the last time! And I will guarantee that I will break him and break him so bad and the world will witness me as THE NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!

Ziggler paused again for awhile...

Ziggler: And Chris? You will never... I mean EVVVVEEEERRRR!!!! Be the same after Unbreakable!

Cole: Such tough words calling out the champ like that John. I wonder how will Jericho react to Zigglers rant...

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PostSubject: Re: Ziggler owned Y2J   Mon Nov 12, 2012 6:20 am

All off a sudden Chris Jericho comes quickly walking to the ring with an angry look on his face he slides in the ring and gets in Dolph's face as he snatches the microphone from him*

Chris Jericho: YOU THINK YOUR DAMN CLEVER DON'T YOU DOLPH!? Everyone here tonight seen what happened you gave me a low blow then rolled me up while grabbing my tights, Does that make you the best? Because if that's what you think then i have no problem giving you a code breaker right now. Well Dolph just for the record it is one all now i have beat you once and you beat me once at unbreakable we will settle the score and someone will be walking out there as the world champion and i guarantee that it will be me. Is there anything else you need to say before i kick your ass right now?

TBC by Dolph Ziggler


Smackdown GM
OWE Chairman
1x World Heavyweight Champion
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PostSubject: ziggler replies   Mon Nov 12, 2012 6:55 am

Ziggler then snatched the microphone from Chris Jericho

Ziggler: Whoah... Hold your horses Chris... Don't count your win over me... Only losers do that Chris. As a matter of fact, A wise man told me before and I'm not sure if you knew this but.... "A win is a win".. Yeah, that's right Chris it's the fact and the reality is I've showed you what I can do and I can do more this coming unbreakable. So I've shown-off and you've been shown then the best you can do is to put a sock on it Chris.

Ziggler paused and smiled for a moment...

Ziggler: You sure look pretty angry huh? Bet you want to hit a code breaker on this beautiful face huh? Oh Chris... We all know that didn't help you won on our last match and that will not certainly help you this unbreakable. So save your strength Chris... Get out of my ring before I put you to sleep and carry your saggy old body out of this arena and leave me showing-off to this people so they will see what their future World Heavyweight Champion looks like!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Ziggler owned Y2J   Mon Nov 12, 2012 10:41 am

A look for annoyance cross both Jericho's and Ziggler's as People Power blasts through the speakers.

Cole: What?! John Laurinaitis on Smackdown? It can't be!
JR: Oh Brother, Isn't Raw enough.
JBL C'mon JR This man is one of the best intellectual minds in Professional Wrestling.
JR: You've got to be kidding me.

The fans give Johnny Ace are roar of boo's as he steps through the curtain. Laurinaitis has a microphone in his hand.

Laurinaitis: My name is..

The fans interrupt Johnny as he speaks with boos.

Laurinaitis: My name is John Laurinaitis the Vice President of Talent Relations and I'm out here tonight on Friday Night Smackdown to bring excitement to this rather dull show.

Laurinaitis begins to walk down the ramp.

Laurinaitis: But first I would like to congratulate Dolph Ziggler on his recent victory over that man Chris Jericho. and i would like to congradulate him because the World Title match at Unbreakable is offical, It will be the World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho going One on One with The 'Show Off' Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler runs his fingers through his hair as the match is announced.

Laurinaitis: Dolph last week you defeated Jericho with a low blow and a roll up with a handful of tights. I see nothing wrong with that victory but for some odd reason the board of directors do. And they have ordered me to inform you that on Monday Night Raw you will face OWE's newest superstars.

Ziggler looks at Laurinaitis and says 'Ha! I will destroy anybody and look damn good doing it!'

Laurinaitis: I hope your not too over your head because your opponent is this man....

Cole: No Way... It cant be...
JBL: Look's like we are in for a good old ass kicking.
Cole: This isn't fair...

Ziggler's face turn from a look of confidence to a look of intimidation as Brock Lesnar's theme echo's around the arena. The fans jump their feet in excitement as Lesnar slowly walks through the curtain and get even louder as Lesnar walks to both ends of the stage. Lesnar begins to jump from foot to foot before he begins to walk down the ramp as stands before the ring as Ziggler begins walk back to the rope trying to stay as far away from Lesnar, Jericho has a smile across his face as he see's Ziggler's future. Lesnar jump on to the apron as pyro fires from the steel posts. Lesnar enters the ring as his theme stops playing while the fans are still going crazy with 'Holy Shit' chants echoing around the arena. A smirk cross' Lesnar's face before he suddenly charges at Ziggler but Ziggler quickly hightails it out of the ring. Lesnar laughs as Ziggler runs around the ring and up the ramp. Lesnar looks at Jericho with a smile on his face and extends his hand. Jericho shakes his hand but Lesnar suddenly lifts Jericho onto his shoulders has the fans go wild once more. Lesnar hits an F5 on Jericho making the fan go even louder, Lesnar pick up the World Title and looks at Ziggler who his standing on the stage shaking his head. Lesnars theme begins to play once more.

JR: Will OWE ever be the same again with Brock Lesnar now apart of it?
Cole: Can anyone control this beast?
JR: How about you step in there and try.
Cole: Real funny JR.

Smackdown fades to commercial as Lesnar is standing on the turnbuckle with the World Title raised above his head.

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PostSubject: Re: Ziggler owned Y2J   

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Ziggler owned Y2J
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