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 The Age Of Orton?

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PostSubject: The Age Of Orton?   Sat Nov 17, 2012 12:39 pm

As Raw hits the air and the opening pyro and theme plays we are met by Michael Cole and the returning Jerry Lawler.

Cole: Welcome my Cole Miners to Monday Night Raw! The voice of OWE Michael Cole here along side my broadcast partner or should i say returning broadcast partner, Jerry 'The King' Lawler
King: I would like to take you thank the OWE Universe for all the well wishes and it feels great too be back. It would be alot better to be with JR but this isn't much worse, Maybe.
Cole: Gee thanks King.
King: Well You're welcome Cole. Lets get this thing started with a bang.

King: Oh God... I said a bang not a crowd killer.
Cole: Crowd killer? John Laurinaitis is Mr. Excitement. King how could People Power kill a crowd?
King Neutral

As crowd erupts with boo's as John Laurinaitis walks through the curtain. He has his usual pleasant smile on his face as he walks down the ramp carrying a black bag in his hand. He walks up the step and wipes his feet on the apron before he enter the ring. He politely asks for a microphone which he is quickly given. He attempts to speak but he is interrupts before he can speak by the crowd who is still exploding with boo's.

Laurinaitis: Thank you for such a warm welcoming, My name is John Laurinaitis the vice president of talent relations and the General Manager of Monday Night Raw. Why I'm here tonight allowing the people to treasure my presence is because on Smackdown one of the participants in the OWE Championship match at Unbreakable was taken out by a ruthless hooligan named Kurt Angle. With this attack this has left JBL to be sidelined with a broken ankle and leaving unable to compete in his match with Randy Orton. Leaving Randy Orton without an opponent. I've had many situations play through my head as i wondered what i how i should handle such a discrepancy. I've thought about if i should replace JBL, Or if i should give the championship to Randy Orton as he would win this match by default. So I have come to my decision and i feel like it's what's best for OWE and People Power as a whole. So with this being said Mr. Excitement would like to ask Randy Orton to please come down to this ring.

Johnny Ace stands in the ring waiting for Orton.

Laurinaitis: Please Randy...

The crowd gives Orton a mixed reaction as he slowly walks through the curtain with an arrogant smile on his face as if he already knows what is going to happen. He stands on the stage as gold pyro falls from the bottom of the titantron, He slowly walks down the ramp as the fans stick their hands out still hoping Randy Orton will Hi 5 them. He walks past them with a slight smirk on his face. He walks up the steps and quickly enters the ring. He walks across and demands a microphone which he is quickly given.

Orton: John there is no need to drag out the inevitable. Everybody in this redneck town..

Orton gets some cheap heat.

Orton: You that annoys me? Johnny everybody already knows the words that are going to come from your lips 'The New OWE Champion, The Living Legend himself, Randy Orton'.

Laurinaitis: Those are not the exact words that i would use but People Power can appreciate how you can understand how their role model, Their Idol John Laurinaitis thinks.

Johnny begins to unzip the black bag and pulls out the vacant OWE Title. Orton extends his hands to accept the belt but Laurinaitis stalls.

Laurinaitis: You can hold on for a moment before i do this i want to explain to these people why i have come to such a big decision. Randy Orton is what I believe the perfect representative for OWE is. The man has the look, The ability to carry this company to heights Mr McMahon himself could not believe was possible.

A cocky smirk once again appears on Orton's face.

Laurinaitis: So with this being said it's my pleasure, No it's my honor to announce, The New OWE Champion Ran...

King: What?! Mick Foley? Now this is a way to kick off Raw
Cole: What does this man want, Doesn't he understand that Mr Laurinaitis is in the ring.

'The Hardcore Legend' himself Mick Foley bursts through the curtain wearing his signature Red Flannelette Shirt and Sweat Pants was quickly walks down the ramp and rolls into the ring he already has a mircophone in his hand.

Foley: Woah... Do you really think that this is right?

Laurinaitis: Mick you have no business in this.

Foley: As OWE's commissioner i believe that i have the right to get involved in anything i see necessary as bad for business. Johnny or in CM Punk's word Funk man us two have never seen eye to eye. But that is not what is important at this particular moment. This is not the right way to solve this OWE Championship debacle. So Randy Orton as a former World Champion myself i know you know that this is not the right way to win the OWE Title.

Orton: Really Mick? Don't you believe is a bit hypocritical seeing as one of your idiotic persona's Dude Love you dressed up in a suit and kiss Mr McMahon's ass to become WWR Champion but like you always do, You failed. But unlike yourself Randy Orton is not a failure. That's why I because the youngest World Heavyweight Champion at 24. Thats why I kick your ass all the way through 2004. That why i did more while in Evolution than you did in your entire career.

Foley: Randy I'll give it to you, You kicked my ass on more than one occasion. But I was the person that made into a man. It was because on me that you reached that next level. That hardcore match where we battle from hell and back is what push you higher than you thought possible and i know that the Randy Orton in 2004 would never accept the OWE Championship like this.

Orton: You are a bigger fool than i expected. In 2004 I had the world rapped around my little finger and as time passed by i got wiser with age. I understood that i doesn't matter who you have step on to get to the top because anyone else will do it just as quickly. I learnt with HHH in Evolution, I learn't that as I watched Big Show side with Paul Heyman when i first enter this quote 'Big Leagues'.

Foley: Randy, What would your father think if you did this?

Orton begins to get frustrated as Foley mentions Bob Orton.

Orton: You don't have any right to bring my father into this.

Foley: Haha, That right Randy, What would your father think if you did this. You would be spitting in the face of everyone whoever put their blood, Their sweat, Their tears into this business to capture something as prestigious as that title. Randy you would spitting in the face of your father.

Orton suddenly kicks Foley to the ground with a low blow. Foley struggle on the ground as Orton backs up to the ropes. Laurinaitis looks on in shock at Orton. Orton suddenly charges at Foley and punt him in the head knocking Foley out. As Orton kicks Foley the crowd erupt with a huge 'Ohhhhhh' followed by boo's which echo around the building. Orton snatches the OWE Title off Laurinaitis and rools out of the ring.

King: Oh My God, Get help out there for Mick.
Cole: Randy Orton with the vicious punt. You can wish that onto anybody.
King: Whats Orton doing with the OWE Title? He was never crowned the champion?
Cole: Maybe Orton thinks the title is his?
King: Orton doesn't deserve to be near the title after that.
Cole: Really King? Orton just showed why he should be champion.
King You have got to be kidding me...

Orton walks up the ramp and the medic rush down to the ring to Mick's aid. Orton stands on the stage looking down to Mick and Johnny as his theme begins to play

John Laurinaitis has a small smile on his face, He seems pleased with Orton's actions. Raw goes to commercial as Foley is being placed onto the stretcher.

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The Age Of Orton?
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