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 Nash Wants Competition

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PostSubject: Nash Wants Competition   Wed Nov 21, 2012 4:16 am

O.W.E. comes on back from a commercial break and Kevin Nash is in the ring. He is dressed in a Wolfpac T-shirt and jeans as he is feeling really eager for some competion. Nash grabs a mic and motions to the crowd to shut up as he gets ready to speak.

Nash: Lets cut to the chase. I'm a seven foot giant killing machine. I took out the team of Cold Hell almost single handedly. But I do thank my former Wolfpac members HHH and Randy Orton.

The crowd begins to boo louder and louder.

Nash: So tonight I would like to make an open challenge to any superstar on the roster that thinks that they have the stones to fight me. I will not blame anyone if there scared because, well come on, its me. I'm just 2 Sweet!

TBC: Anyone
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PostSubject: Re: Nash Wants Competition   Wed Nov 21, 2012 1:07 pm

*Suddenly cena's entrance hit the arena and makes his way to the ring with hyper and joy,with the crowd cheering*

*He Grabs the mic and go up to the ring*

Johncena : hey nash,seems that you are searching for a superstar to kick your ass cuz it seems too itchy. I am ready to kick that ass unless if you accept,i will be always ready,well you know it you wont beat me,it's an easy match for me nash. It's not an easy decision to face me , cuz you wont be happy at all.

*Crowd Cheers Cena,Let's go cena,kick his ass!

johncena : haha even the crowd are giving me more energy when they cheer me,oh ye so nash do you still want to face me?

tbc by Nash
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PostSubject: Re: Nash Wants Competition   Wed Nov 21, 2012 8:14 pm

**Nash is just about to respond when "Just Close Your Eyes" hits the PA System**

**The crowd erupts into a frenzy as their old hero Captain Charisma steps out onto the stage, smirking with his hand cupped above his eyebrows looking for his peeps and the crowd becomes louder than ever before. Nash and Cena's attention quickly changes from eachother to the stage as their angered expressions suddenly change to shock.**

Christian - Well well well, if it isn't the walking elder, straight out of the nursing home, Kevin Nash and the hard knocks rapper from the hard streets of West Newbury turned color wearing superhero. Now if you two could save the audience the pain of listening to you two neanderthals argue in the ring and let my peeps soak in the fact that Captain Charisma is back for good, that would be great.

**The fans erupt into a frenzy once more, as Christian speaks while slowly walking down the ramp.**

Christian - I have come back for one thing, and that is to get myself back on the radar as one of the greatest superstars this business has to offer. Now if it's competition you guys want then I have a little proposition for you boys. Two is better than one, the more the merrier, you get the picture. The point is I say we have ourselves a little triple threat match, that is if you two aren't afraid of actually entertaining the fans for a change.

**Christian is now in the ring with Cena and Nash as he waits for an answer.**

TBC by Nash or Cena

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PostSubject: Re: Nash Wants Competition   Wed Nov 21, 2012 8:31 pm

Johncena: Well I dont mind at all i likes kicking some asses cuz ya all have itchy ass now adays,Christian and nash you took your decision to face johncena? I'm not Santino Marrela,Im The 10 Times WWE champion,the face of the this company!

Crowd Cheers Cena all the way.

Johncena: Thanks for the backup and the support,it's really appreciated,and i am sure you are waiting for me to kick those to idiot's ass uh? So i'll tell you once again,yep i agree,i dont care what are the match conditions or who are my opponents cuz i trust my self.
10 years strong!

Crowd Cheers Cena.

*Cena Smiles*

Tbc by nash or cristian
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PostSubject: Re: Nash Wants Competition   

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Nash Wants Competition
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