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 Christian speaks on Alberto Del Rio

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PostSubject: Christian speaks on Alberto Del Rio   Sat Nov 24, 2012 8:20 pm

SmackDown comes back from commercial break as it pans around the arena, when suddenly the set bursts to life as "Just Close Your Eyes" hits the pa system.

The fans jump to their feet in anticipation of Captain Charisma. Christian slowly steps through the curtain and onto the stage as a smug, cocky smirk is seen across his face. He then looks around the arena and slaps his chest a few times before cupping his left hand above his eyes, acknowledging the many peeps in attendance. He then slowly strides down the ramp before walking up the steps and climbing into the ring via the second rope. He then grabs a mic from the time keeper and places it to his lips.

Christian - No...

Christian then lowers the mic and smiles as the crowd is so deafoning with "Christian!" chants that he can't even get a word out. He then places the mic to his lips once more as the crowd finally quiets down.

Christian - First of all I'd like to thank each and every one of you for that. You have no idea how much I've missed that while I've been gone. Now, I know everyone in attendance tonight, everyone in the back and everyone watching at home, is dying in anticipation of seeing me perform in this ring again. Well, it's my pleasure to assure you that the wait is over. You see, the good news is that later on tonight I will lace up my boots and I will entertain all of you for the first time in a long time. However, the bad news is that I will be facing Alberto Del Rio.

Christian then pauses and laughs as the crowd begins a "Del Rio Sucks!" chant. He then continues to speak.

Christian - You see, first of all, if you've ever been around a mexican, you know that they smell like a bunch of Taco Bell Drive-Thru workers mixed with B.O. And then he's going to drive out here in some new $150,000 car that his daddy bought him, he's going to strut to the ring with the same dirty towel around his neck for no reason, laughing all the way like some mexican santa clause, he's going to be introduced by the same tired, boring, fat, hair gel wearing announcer that has absolutely no ring announcing skills and only got the job because he speaks spanish and lets Del Rio suck on his burrito, and then he's going to try to bore all of you with some long, boring match full of wrestling holds. That's what Alberto Del Rio is going to try to do. Well you see, luckily for all of you, Captain Charisma is here to save the day. Because I promise you this match will not be long, and it will not be boring. I'm going to end it quickly, and it will be entertaining, because that's how I roll. Now, I only have one thing to say to Alberto Del Rio. Do you realize that whenever you talk, only about 1/6th of our audience even understands half of your sentences? There is no reason to come out here in your stupid accent, with your "burrito burrito quesadilla, I am going to beat you, taco es muy bueno ricardo rodriguez es el boyfriend mi papi bought all my cars." Now, I know you're slow and I know you just crossed the boarder not too long ago Del Rio, but we speak english here. I shouldn't have to have my phone out with a Google Translator App every time you talk. You see, we won't have to worry about hearing any more of that dirty mexican gibberish coming out of your mouth or blowing up our Twitter feeds after I end your career, because no fancy car, no dirty towel, no fat, spanish speaking announcer, no amount of hair gel, and no cross armbreaker will save you from good ol Captain Charisma hitting the Killswitch on your pathetic excuse of a career. And I'm promising all my peeps that Del Rio is just the first stepping stone on my way back to the top. I came back for one thing, and that is to become the World Heavyweight Champion, and I'm not going to stop until I have done just that. I'm going to do it for me, and I'm going to do it for all my peeps.

Christian then smiles and slaps his chest once more before putting the mic back to his lips when suddenly...

TBC by anyone.
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Christian speaks on Alberto Del Rio
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