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 "The Best In The World..."

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PostSubject: "The Best In The World..."   Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:47 am

As Monday Night Raw hits the air the opening video plays and the pyrotechnics blast we are met by Raw's commentary team.

JR: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to Monday Night Raw, We are live here tonight from Chicago, Illinois. Good Ol' JR, Jim Ross here alongside my broadcast partner... Well partners Jerry 'The King' Lawler and the barely tolerable Michael Cole.
Cole: JR who gave you the right to do the introduction, I'm the voice of OWE. I should open the show.
King: Just shut up Michael.
Cole: No! I'm sick of this constant disrespect.

Cole rises from his seat and snatches a microphone from Justin Roberts hands and storms into the ring.

Cole: My name is Michael Cole and I am the Voice of OWE. Since my arrival in OWE i have been shown nothing but disrespect from you pathetic people and those two hicks Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross. I am the voice of the company, You people should be worshiping to ground i stand on. I had..

Cole: Oh Come On...

The Chicago crowd jumps to their feet and explode with excitement as the familiar guitar rift of their hometown hero CM Punk slowly walks through the curtain. He arms spread wide with his usual smirk on his face as he stands on the stage looking out at the Chicago crowd and down at Michael Cole who is pouting in the ring. Punk drops down to 1 knee, Slowly runs his fingers over the steel grates, Looks at his wrist before jumping to his feet and screaming 'It's Clobbering Time!'. Punk turns around as he backs down the ramp revealing the Best in the World written on the back of his white BITW T-Shirt. Punk turns around and sticks his arms out once more as he walks down the ramp. He runs up the steel steps and stands on the apron looking out at the sea of CM Punk faithfuls. He slowly climbs the rope placing his left foot on the top rope. He raises his arms into the air and screams 'Best in the World!' As Punk jumps off the ropes into the ring Michael Cole begins to speak.

Cole: Wh.. Who do you think you are?

Punk with his usual smirk on his face as Cole screams at him he suddenly picks Cole up onto his shoulders and hits a GTS. The GTS sends Cole out of the ring. Punk picks Coles microphone up and leans on the ropes and looks at Cole.

Punk: I'm CM Punk.

These two words alone make Punk's hometown explode once more. Punk moves to the walks across and sits cross legged in the middle of the ring. He attempts to speak but the crowd is just too loud, Chanting Punks name.

CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk!

Punk: Its been just over a year since I stood in this ring and put the Professional Wrestling on it head. I walked up those very steps with the WWE Title over my shoulder as I walked out of a company that was about to fall and plummet to the ground. The demise of WWE was that it was full of Yes men like John Laurinaitis and the rest of his cronies and my mistake was going back. I suffered as i watch Vince McMahon, his idiotic Daughter and Dufus Son in Law step all over talent like Harry Smith, TJ Wilson, Tyler Black and Dean Ambrose. All stars that have the ability to carry the company back to where it once was. But those morons are so out of touch with wrestling that they took WRESTLERS with talent and had them so into the ring with Brodus Clay or stuck them in developmental. I said that on that legendary night in Las Vegas i sat on that stage and say 'WWE would be better when Vince McMahon is dead' I was 100% right. It's just a shame WWE didn't last long enough for it to happen and we all had to watch his fathers dynasty die.

Punk lowers his mic as the crowd once again starts a CM Punk chant, It seems that every person in the audience is chant CM Punk. The chant is deafening.

Punk: So I come over to OWE because I seemed like a place that wasn't run by a bunch of idiotic jackass' until my arrival. That very first PPV, Night of Champions. I entered the arena and see Vince McMahon and the rest of his idiotic family standing by the entrance showing that OWE is going to die just like WWE. I could have easily walked away at that very moment and left for New Japan Pro Wrestling or even went back to Ring of Honor but I care too much to watch Vincent Kennedy McMahon and Paul Levesque run another company into the ground. So on that night I walked out in front of everyone and won the OWE Title showing why I'm the Best in the World and showing everyone why OWE is a place of the future. A company CM Punk will lead to the top and not become another abomination at the hand of Vince McMahon. Because I am the Voice of the Voiceless and my voice will not be ignored. I am the Best in the World and I assure you that I will make OWE a place where stars are born, Just like i did with Ring of Honor. I...

As Punk speaks his microphone gets cut off. The crowd erupt's with boo's as the Second City Saint gets cut off. Punk stands up and screams 'Again?'. Punk rolls out of the ring and get a black Megaphone with the 'In Punk We Trust' symbol on it out from under the ring.

Punk: Let me tell you a little story...

Punk laughs as his theme plays which blocks out the megaphone. Punk rolls out of the ring and starts to walks up the ramp. He walks up to the closest camera and says 'This is not over'. Punk stands on the stage raising his arms once more and screams 'Best in the World!'. Punk slowly walks back through the curtain as his theme fades/ Raw slowly fades to commercial as the Chicago crowd chant for CM Punk.

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"The Best In The World..."
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