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 OMB Debut

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PostSubject: OMB Debut   Sun Nov 25, 2012 12:54 pm

King: Well that sure was some contest!
JR: A real slobberknocker!

Cole: And we've just had a message handed down to us, everyone watching RAW tonight is in for a special treat! Live tonight we have a special performance by a mystery musical guest!
King: Oh man, I wonder who it could be.
Cole: Well we'll find out next are the break!

As the broadcast returns the arena is pitch black spare for the handful of lighters the crowd is starting to hold up. The darkness lasts unusually long and the crowd is getting restless.

Heath Slater appears from behind the curtain wearing aviator sunglasses, cowboy hat and ripped jeans. He air guitars and screams his whole way down to the ring. He ascends to the top rope and flashes the horns before jumping into the ring

King: Michael have you lost your mind, it's just one guy.
Cole: YEAH! It's the One Man Southern Rock Band, Heath Slater!
King: Oh brother...

OMB Heath Slater: I know, I know, girls please kept your underwear to yourself. IT'S THE ONE MAN BAND, BABY!

The crowd boos and chants of "YOU CAN'T SING" break out

OMB: You know, when I first signed my contract to come here to OWE, I could of sworn the E on the contract stood for Entertainment. And yet the short time I've been here I have yet to see anything Entertaining. But fear not OWE universe, The One Man Band is here to save you! Never in the history of the OWE has there been a superstar as talented as I am. Performers like me don't just grow on trees, I'm not just a triple threat. I'm like... a... decathathreat. Can I wrestle? Check. Can I soar through the air like all the high flyers? Check. Can I play guitar? Check. Bass? Check. Sing? Check. Dance? Check. Drums? Check. Aw hell, you get the picture! And just like my number one hit I'm going straight to the top, baby! So if you all would just shut up for a minute, I'd like to take this time to debut my new single.

TBC by anyone?
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PostSubject: Re: OMB Debut   Sun Nov 25, 2012 3:03 pm

*Before Slater can finish singing his new single, music and an entrance video that haven't been seen in some time goes off. The fans start giving a huge heel reaction*

Drew McIntyre:
*He walks out from behind gorilla position, slowly and menacingly with his head down. Once he's center stage, he flips his head up which in turn gets his long wavy locks out of his face. He then puts his hand through his hair and makes sure it's all out of his face. He then continues walking down the ramp. The fans are booing him with all of their being while a few women cheer due to his devilishly good looks. He stops near the steps and looks to the crowd. He then goes to the apron and climbs up it. He smirks and leans on the top rope and lightly chuckles at Slater. He then enters the ring. He extends his arms and smirks before receiving a mic*

Heath Slater, I'll be honest, I never thought I'd see someone like you appear in OWE. I also didn't think that if I saw you here, you'd still be doing that stupid and idiotic One Man Band gimmick. You claim to play every instrument known to man but I have yet to see you touch anything, be it here in OWE or back in our time in the WWE.

*He smirks before continuing*

Now, you have the audacity to come out in MY ring and start singing your "new" single. News flash kid, your single is terrible and you're more tone deaf than Jillian Hall. I'd rather listen to her Christmas album on a 5 hour loop than listen to you single for 1 minute. Besides being tone deaf, your look is terrible. You look like a cross between Woody the Cowboy from Toy Story and a metrosexual hipster with that cowboy hat and ripped jeans. Don't even get me started on your long red locks.

*The fans aren't sure if they should cheer or boo since Drew and Heath are both heels. The decide to keep booing them both*

You may not know this since you have been irrelevant for quite some time, but I am the first ever World Heavyweight Champion! I lost it to Alberto Del Rio in a controversy. I still have my rematch clause and I'm cashing it in at the right moment so I can bring the title back home where it belongs. Now, unless you want to end up as one of my victims that I use to send a message, I suggest that you get out of MY ring. That is, unless you have any final words.

*He crosses his arms and waits to see what will happen*

TBC: Slater
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PostSubject: Re: OMB Debut   Tue Nov 27, 2012 1:36 pm

Laughing Heath removes his sunglasses and and locks eyes with Drew

Heath Slater: Well if it isn't my dear old friend Drew McIntyre. Now I'm not going to take your criticism of my singing ability to heart Drew, because I think we all can agree that's just jealousy talking. I think its common knowledge now that when you and Jinder were trying to keep up with fast paced rock'n'roll lifestyle that I'm accustomed with, you both were just in for the ride, baby. ANY success you have to stake claim to, is because of ME. And you have the gall to comment on my looks, but the last I remember you were lucky to get my rejected groupies...

The two men are standing face to face in the middle of the ring, the tension building between, the confused crowd still is not sure who to get behind, the devil they know or the new comer

HS: And while usually I would jump at the chance to prove that you can't kick it up a notch to 11 and keep up with the one man band... tonight, I'm being paid to perform not fight.

Heavy boos start to rain down as Heath Slater starts to make his exit from the ring. Heath stops on the apron and looks back into the ring

HS: And you know one last thing Drew, I actually wish you luck in your eventual rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship. I can think of nothing sweeter than winning my first world title from YOU

Laughing Heath Slater hops off the apron and slowly backs his way up the ramp, to a chorus of boos, never taking his eyes off Drew

End of promo
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PostSubject: Re: OMB Debut   

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OMB Debut
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