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 Leading By Example.

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PostSubject: Leading By Example.   Leading By Example. EmptyThu Oct 18, 2012 7:37 am

As NxT hits the air the camera pans across the crowd as we are met by the announcers Jim Ross and William Regal.

JR: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to NXT. The home for the newest talent to hit the block. Good Ol' Jim Ross here with my broadcast partner the Cunning William Regal.
Regal: That you for the compliment. Tonight is the first night we will see the Rookies in the ring. They've been able to speak their mind but can any of them back it up in the ring?
JR: It seems that everybody's eyes are locked on the Rookies. How will they comeback from their first night only a couple of days ago.

JR: BAH GAWD IT'S STONE COLD, Wait a second.

The crowd jumps to their feet as Stone Cold's theme blasts through the speakers. As time pass' no one walks through the curtain. Suddenly Taylor Balck steps through the curtain wearing Stone Cold's signature vest, Black jeans and sunglasses. The crowd gives a roar of boos as Black stands on the stage with a cocky smile on his face. He slowly walks down the curtain as the fan scream at him. He rolls into the ring, walks over to the turnbuckle and steals Austin's taunt. He asks for a microphone which he is quickly given.

Black: My name is T....

Black is cut off from boos from the crowd.

Black: Can i please have some silence, The best damn thing on this show is about to speak.

That remarks only makes the crowd louder. Balc waits until the crowd starts to quiet down.

Black: My name is Taylor Black, The Hottest Property on NXT. Stone Cold on the first show marched out to this ring and challenge me to a match for nexts weeks NXT. Why is that? Why not for this week? You say you're filming a movie and not here tonight so im stuck without an opponent. I see you all with that stupid look on your faces wondering why i have Austin vest, Its because i want to piss Austin off, I want to fire him up so he comes at me with everything he's got. So when i beat him senseless around this ring he knows that he couldnt beat me on his best day. So next week Austin you get what you want, It will be The Show Off vs The Rattle Snake, Taylor Black vs Steve Austin. Its going to be the night where Austin relieses that he should have never come out of retirement.

Black rips Austin's vest off and throws it over the top rope onto the floor, He the leans over and spits on it.

Black: As for tonight, I'm going to lead by example, Im going to be the very first Rookie to call out a pro for a match. Its not going to be any pro, Ive chosen a pro that everyone treats as if he's a living legend. A man people say carried a company on his back a took it to places it had never thought of being. Tonight I want the 'Phenomenal' AJ Styles.

Black stares up the ramp waiting for Styles but no one comes to the ring. The crowd starts to chant Styles name.

Black: Come on AJ, Listen to these people. They want their hero.


TBC: AJ Styles
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PostSubject: Re: Leading By Example.   Leading By Example. EmptyThu Oct 18, 2012 12:49 pm

after black stopped talking,he waits for a few awkward minutes for someone to come out

JR:Where's Aj?
Regal:Trending on twitter worldwide, hashtag WhereIsAJ?

The crowd goes completely nuts as The Million Dollar Man's theme blasts through the Arena's Pa System

Regal:Could it really be...
JR:BAH GAWD! IT IS!!..... wait ... that is... BAH GAWD! IT'S A BROOM!
Regal:Don't be ridiculous JR...

AJ Styles then steps out of the curtain, he's wearing a black suit, designer sunglasses and he's holding the hardcore title on his shoulder, he walks down the ramp and high fives a few of the fans, he climbs on the steel steps and enters the ring through the middle ropes, he grabs Taylor's mic out of his hands and starts talking while the music fades away, the crowd chants 'Why AJ? Whyy?' a few times

What?did you expect someone else to come out? i thought that it was dress-up-as-an-other-superstar night since Taylor over there came out wearing a Stone Cold jacket and he even came out with Stone Cold's song!

JR:He's right you know..
Regal:I know that JR, bloody hell you don't have to tell me what YOU see all the time because i'm not blind! I can see what's happening too you know!

Anyways,Taylor,you want to face me? You? the self proclaimed 'ShowOff' and 'Hottest Property' of NXT?

the crowd then starts chanting 'YES! YES! YES!' a few times,AJ goes on talking after the chants fade

I'm sorry Taylor but i have to say no to that,why? because i don't want to waste my time fighting someone like you!

JR:Bah gawd..

Oh, and also, you are a bit wrong about you being the first rookie to challenge a pro to a match because, if i remember correctly, Miz's rookie already did that by challenging his own pro to a Tables Ladders and Chairs match!

the crowd starts chanting 'Jack Jack Jack!'

Although i doubt that the Miz'll accept the challenge since he's such a coward the last couple of weeks.... anyways,i am sorry Taylor,but i just will not face you since YOU , yes YOU! need to concentrate on your battle with the rattlesnake next week!

the crowd then starts cheering for Stone Cold

So Taylor,what do you have to say after what i just told you?

AJ then puts down his mic and waits for Taylor to start talking
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PostSubject: Re: Leading By Example.   Leading By Example. EmptyThu Oct 18, 2012 1:36 pm

Black: Really AJ? Really? I need to focus on Austin? Austins is a joke. I would have thought that you would want to show your Rookie who to put on a good match AJ. Is it that you dont think you can get the job done against a Rookie. AJ I actually had respect for you but you just showed the world that youre a coward. Youre just like everybody ive seen around here, When somebody steps up, You back down.

AJ takes his glasses off.

Black: Please explain the real reason why you dont want to step into the ring with the best NXT has to offer? Has you failed attempts to make the King of the Ring got you down AJ? But as people say third times the charm right? What's it like needing 3 chances to make a tournament you're only going to lose in the first round? It eats away at you inside doesnt it? Its made you so insecure that you wont even step into the ring with a so called 'Rookie'. If thats the case you should be a pro on NXT. Maybe people should just stop calling you The Phenomenal AJ Styles and start calling you The Joke.

AJ gets in Black's face.

Black: Thats it AJ, Come on hit me, HIT ME.

Black slaps AJ in the face as AJ snaps hitting Black with forearms pushing Black into the corner. Styles backs away and sets up for the flying forearm but Black counter with a picture perfect dropkick to the jaw of Styles.

JR: That dropkick was picture perfect.
Regal: Yes that hit him flush on the jaw.

Black picks a stunned Styles up, Sets up and hits the Regal Plex on Styles.

Regal: Well that looked bloody familar.

Black jumps to his feet with a arrogant smile crossing his face. Black walks up to the camera and says 'Austin i hope you were watching because thats your future'. Black rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp. He stands on the stage looking back down at Styles who is holding his head. Black mimics Styles taunt before leaving the arena.

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Leading By Example.
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